Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions (back to Lesson info)

  • Cancelling a Booked Skype Lesson - 48 hours notice is required for cancellations - or the lesson fee will be forfeited. This is absolutely regardless of your reason for cancelling the lesson.
  • Punctuality - Nick schedules blocks of lessons together where possible, so times can't be moved to accommodate lateness, all lessons will end at the scheduled time.
  • Payment for Skype lessons - Payment must be made via bank transfer or Paypal 48 hours before the scheduled lesson time. If payment is not received 48 in advance then there is no guarantee your chosen slot will be available.
  • Technical Issues (Skype lessons) - If the lesson is disrupted by technical issues - ie -  internet going down on Nick's side etc. The remaining time will be made up at the end if possible or at a later date. Any issues arising on the students end are not covered.